Loyalty Program

Because we wish to give back to our returning customers, San Diego Airport Parking Co. has integrated a customer Loyalty Program (Powered by PayCloud). Start earning credit toward exclusive rewards and discounts — a $10 Gift that never expires!

Thousands of our loyal customers currently take advantage of this program, which provides them parking specials for accumulating rewards points for every dollar they spend with us.  We offer parking specials that you will only be able to obtain through this program. It’s free to join!

You will be notified via text or email message about any new parking discounts that we would have on hand for you. Be advised that standard text message and data rates apply.

For your convenience and peace of mind, you will receive no more than one (1) message per month regarding special discounts.

Keep your eyes locked on this page for any promos.

Help us to get your deals out faster by signing up now, and you will be among the loyal members of the SDAP family to receive all the great savings.

Step one:  Complete the form below with the required information, then move to step two to create your account at PayCloud.com and get activated.

Step One: Fill out the following form.

Step Two

PayCloud PassbookOn your Smart Phone, go to www.PayCloud.com and download the “free” app (available for Apple and Android users)  and complete the “Create Your Account” to register and opt in for airport parking rewards!

If you do not have a smart phone, then on your next parking visit, request to get started in the Loyalty Program with a Loyalty Scan Card (See a SDAP agent at the front desk to get started). It’s simple! Enroll with just your email address and phone number.

That’s it! Just be sure to park, then Scan your Smart Phone QR code or Loyalty Scan Card QR code after completion of each sales transaction.

For all Scan Card users, here’s an optional, convenient step to view your account. After you activate your new card at SDAP, access  your account balance any time at www.PayCloud.com. Select ‘Register Card’, then enter the card  and PIN numbers, located on the back of your card.

(Note: This step is optional and can only be completed AFTER the scan card is activated at SDAP.)

See more below about Terms and Conditions that apply.


Purpose of the Loyalty Program

The San Diego Airport Parking Co. Loyalty Program (hereinafter referred to as the “Loyalty Program”) is a program introduced by San Diego Airport Parking Co. (hereinafter referred to as “SDAP”), intended as a means of rewarding longstanding and repeat customers, allowing them to accumulate points on each purchase, said points entitling them to the benefits set forth herein.

Eligibility for the Loyalty Program

SDAP’s Loyalty Program is available to any repeating customer of SDAP who elects to opt in to the program by enrolling in the program via any of the following options:

  1. Follow all steps to sign up on this page. 
  2. Go to PayCloud.com on your smart phone and register for your account by downloading the Free app (available for Apple  and Android users) or  go to step 3  (if you prefer the scan card option).
  3. Request to get started in the Loyalty Program with a Scan Card, then sign up on the PayCloud Tablet, located at the SDAP Front Desk counter.

Note: Points are accrued with each dollar spent at SDAP.

Redeeming Loyalty Program Points

After signing up for the Loyalty Program, each dollar spent earns the customer one (1) Reward Point. After accumulating one hundred (100) points, the loyal customer is eligible for a $10 credit/gift. Other rewards may be made available at the discretion of SDAP. Stay tuned for other future specials as your Loyalty is appreciated and we want to give back for your repeat business.

Loyalty Program Terms of Use for Rewards Earned

Loyalty Program Rewards are non-transferrable, redeemable only by the registered Loyalty Program customer with valid ID. The Loyal Customer must use any earned rewards by displaying the reward to the SDAP customer service agent on the same day that you park and fill out the ticket. The reward of credit that you want to use will then be applied to your parking stay once you get processed through the point-of-sale when you return to pick up your car.


Loyalty Program Points cannot be redeemed for cash, cannot be combined with any of the following discounts:

  1. if you are on a contract.
  2. if you are receiving an airline discount.
  3. if you are taking advantage of any coupon offer that is at the daily rate of a $2.00 discount rate, you cannot participate in loyalty program point redemption. 

All Loyal Customers wishing to participate are encouraged to get registered as we will be implementing various promotions, rewards and special gifts that you can only find out about if you are signed up in the Loyal Customer Program.


SDAP will communicate details and revisions of the Loyalty Program to customers via online at SDAP.net, SMS and/or your email. For your peace of mind, we will never contact you more than once a month regarding any parking specials. Please be advised that standard text and data rates may apply.


SDAP customers reserve the right to opt out of the Loyalty Program at any time via the same website in which they opted in or by sending us an email. Any points that may remain on your account will be lost.

All Rights Reserved

SDAP reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions of the Loyalty Program at any time, and without prior notice.